About Us

Handmade bags and bike accessories. 

Everything started by chance when I was living in Montreal. I wanted a resistant and unique, or at least different, bag to commute by bike, free and comfortable. I did not want to carry the same bag than half of the city, maybe half of the world, so I decided to design and create my own bag.

Looking backwards it doesn’t look like my best creation, but back then people would stop me to talk to me on the street and ask me for the shop to buy it. 

I realized there were many cyclists that were looking for the same than me: a different bag, resistant, strong, waterproof, different and comfortable.

Playing bike polo, bike touring, commuting and now living with my girl (also a cyclist but on the girl side:)) has inspired me for new projects, and I am still looking for ideas.

This is briefly how Jabali Bags was born, thinking of cyclists, sewing for cyclists.

For latest news and pictures http://jabalibags.wordpress.com

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